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Canciones con la palabra luna

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Canciones con la palabra luna

cuando la luna

A beautiful composition by Juan Subirá and Tito Verenzuela that anticipates what Bersuit would be like without Cordera as frontman. It contrasts quite a bit with the album’s first cut, “Laten bolas”, which anticipates Cordera’s solo career. Simple and honest poetry with an excellent vocal arrangement. Simply to enjoy looking at the moon.

Probably one of the best albums produced by national rock, El León is practically a compilation of classics. “Siguiendo la luna” is almost a reggae-influenced ballad composed by Sergio Rotman, and it fits Vicentico’s raspy and slightly nasal voice like a glove. It is impossible to listen to this song without chanting it, so I choose a live version that conveys that.

A song with an impressive groove, and a part, almost at the end, where Janis sings barely whispering that can give you goosebumps, to finally come back with all the rhythm at the end. Impeccable. This album was recorded with the Full Tilt Boogie Band, which undoubtedly makes a great team with Joplin.

following the moon

As this you surely already know, in Music and Rock, we have prepared a list with some of the best songs about the moon. Of all kinds, from different genres. Because, believe it or not, the satellite that haunts us, has been present in numerous themes. And even in albums as representative as the idolized The dark side of the moon, by Pink Floyd. An album that continues to sell thousands of copies per month.

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A song composed by Mick Jackson (not Michael Jackson) swept the dance charts in the late 70s, shortly before the King of Pop became independent to undertake one of the most important solo careers in history. In Spanish, there will be nostalgic people who remember the version Luis Miguel did entitled Será que no me amas. We’ll stick with the one by the guys from the Indiana Brothers.

The song refers to the Russian expedition in which Laika, a dog that was actually called Kudryavka, was launched. Laika was the name given to hunting dogs in the northern territory of Russia. So the animal climbed aboard Sputnik 2 on November 3, 1957 from an airfield in Kazakhstan. The impulse made her the first living being to orbit the Earth, although the end, as expected, was not exactly happy: the dog died. Nacho Cano (and, of course, Ana Torroja) makes of this song a kind of epic fable, which captures the listener. A great song.

rock en español la luna

“La luz de la luna” is included in the album Vox Electra (1998), an album produced by Diego Herrera, ex-keyboardist of Caifanes. “La luz de la luna” is a pop song that openly talks about the moon as a witness of human loneliness. “La luz de la luna no me alumbra”, phrase with which Pastilla begins his song, is eloquent of the depressive and self-absorbed climate that the character perceives in the night of a loneliness that “dominates”. Another of the dark and depressive aspects of the song is the radical lack of desire that immobilizes the sufferer and dulls the brightness of the eyes, “In my eyes there is nothing to desire”. Pastilla uses “Moonlight” as a metaphor for life and the (absent) impulse to feel desire for someone or something in order to act.

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moon and sun

This song is not about astronauts. The song by the group R.E.M. is part of the soundtrack to the film of the same name about American comedian Andy Kaufman (played in the film by Jim Carey). Kaufman was a television star in the 1970s. Both the film by director Milos Forman and the song are a tribute to this comedian.

Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam) grew up in London’s West End, where it never gets dark. “I never saw the moon, there were just streetlights everywhere,” he later recalled on a TV show. “And then, on a beautiful night, I stood on the shore and saw my shadow in the moonlight. That was amazing.”

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The moonlight shadow represents a sudden and unexpected death. Mike Oldfield was nearby in a hotel when John Lennon was murdered. That indirectly inspired him to write this song. Because the song, sung by Maggie Reilly, is at first glance about the escapologist Houdini. But the lyrics “all he saw was the silhouette of a gun” and “a fleeing man shot him six times” suggest that it is about Lennon’s murder. Houdini was not killed by a gun but by a blow to the stomach.

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