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Bono ave valladolid madrid

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Bono ave valladolid madrid

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Igea has ventured that he expects this subsidy to be in place at the latest “after the summer” for those who are registered in Castilla y Leon and go to work in Madrid frequently. The Junta de Castilla y León is also going to ask the Government to increase the validity of season tickets so as not to lose tickets and to collaborate with its own funds to these subsidies proposed by Castilla y León.

The spokesman of the regional government has also urged Renfe to recover the early train from Zamora that allowed some Zamoranos to go to Madrid to work and maintain their residence in Castilla y León. There is no question of this aid being used for High Speed services within Castilla y León. That is to say, it would be valid for someone traveling the Segovia-Madrid route, but not Segovia-Valladolid.

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The provisional extension ended this Wednesday, June 30, so that, as of July 1, the passes would once again be valid for only 8 days, the same as before the pandemic. However, Renfe’s decision gives them five more days.

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Renfe currently offers three types of Avant Passes: the Tarjeta Plus 10, the Tarjeta Plus 10 Estudiantes and the Tarjeta Plus, aimed at those people, mostly workers and students, who use the high-speed train service on a daily or almost daily basis.

The users’ associations argued their request by asserting that “the pandemic has brought with it a change in work and educational models, so that in many cases a situation has arisen in which teleworking and online classes are going to coexist with face-to-face activities”.

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In addition to these schedules you can find the departure time of the AVE Madrid – Valladolid which corresponds to the cheapest train ticket, and the AVE Madrid – Valladolid which corresponds to the most expensive train ticket.

The cheapest AVE Madrid – Valladolid ticket is the one for the AVE that departs from Madrid station at 16:05 h and arrives at Valladolid station at 17:21 h, having a ticket cost of 11,35 €. Green light for your AVE Madrid – Valladolid tickets at incredible prices!

The AVE that has the most expensive price on your Madrid – Valladolid ticket is the one that departs from Madrid at 20:25 h and arrives in Valladolid at 21:18 h, costing 50,25 € per ticket. Addicted to cheap travel? Here we give you the best price for your AVE Madrid Valladolid tickets.

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In addition, we recommend that if you want your AVE Madrid – Valladolid ticket to be cheaper you take it to travel in the afternoon, since in this time slot the prices of AVE Madrid – Valladolid tickets are cheaper than if you take them at night. You can make numerous tourist routes traveling by AVE.


The plenary session of the Cortes de Castilla y León today approved a non-legislative proposal of Vox by which the Government was asked to grant a 75 percent discount on AVE, Alvia, Avant and Intercity tickets between the Community and Madrid to all registered Castilians and Leonese, as a measure to combat depopulation. In addition, he urged the Board to study aid for those who use almost daily the train or other means to travel to their workplace, while the discounts demanded are not approved.

The Vox representative, Fátima Pinacho, demanded a proactive policy to favor the settlement of the population in the Community, which in her opinion involves considering high-speed transport as the “keystone”. He insisted that some two million passengers could use these services to travel to the capital to work, which would mean an annual outlay of 50 million. In order to finance this item, he proposed the 75 percent bonus model of the islands, which would mean a total cost of 37.5 million.

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