Minas del horcajo ciudad real

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Minas del horcajo ciudad real


It was possibly its abundant water conditions that determined its creation as a settlement. There is evidence that in the Stone Age there were human settlements, having found remains of stones used to work the skins.

The census of the population in 1591 includes it among the places of the Montes de Toledo with its church and its 109 neighbors and therefore with its council, whose jurisdiction was limited by the Cuartilla and dependent on the city of Toledo. Its dependence on Toledo is also corroborated by the topographical relations of Felipe II in 1575.


It is also known that two Roman roads ran through this area, the one from Mérida to Toledo along the old Metercosa and the branch that joined the road from Castile to Andalusia. Therefore, it is certain that the Romans could have inhabited this area of the province.

In any case, it is thought that the current municipality was created due to its ideal water conditions, as well as the tranquility and rest that the municipality has offered since ancient times to the present day.

Horcajo de los Montes has a series of very old festivities and traditions that combine with the simplicity and tranquility of the municipality. In any case, these traditions are usually related to the Catholic religion.

For example, on the 15th the festivity in honor of S. Isidro, patron saint of farmers, is celebrated. In this case, a large pilgrimage is held to celebrate it. On the other hand, around June 24, the patron saint festivities take place, which are dedicated to St. John, patron saint of the town.

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The PSOE of Horcajo de los Montes (Ciudad Real) has criticized that the mayor of the town, Alfredo Prado, has raised the salary by more than 30,000 euros to José Herrera, permanent staff of the Consistory and «personal friend of the mayor», since, as stated by the socialists in a press release, Herrera was registered in the house of Prado until shortly before approving the position of Employment Technician and is the spokesman for the PP in the City Council of Fontanarejo.

The spokesman of the Socialist Group in the City Council, Mariano Gómez, informed that this salary increase is included in the personnel annex of the 2008 General Budget approved last July 15.

The Municipal Group of the PSOE of Horcajo sees «crazy and ruinous» for the Town Hall the creation of this «unnecessary and absolutely immoral position due to its huge salary, with a level 30 and a specific complement of almost 15,000 euros, something unheard of, which does not even occur in large municipalities».

The socialist councilors believe that the mayor «has long been deified and accustomed to skipping all ethical and democratic rules, with no one to stop him or cough, and having no limits.

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The church, simple, is dedicated to San Antonio Abad, and it highlights a side door, poly-lobed and Mudejar. In the village you can notice the progress derived from a certain tourist capital of the area.

(926775384) and on foot (926783297). The Administrative Center of the Park is in Pueblo Nuevo del Bullaque, Tel.: 926783297. The visitor center «Casa Palillos» is next to the road from Pueblo Nuevo del Bullaque to Santa. Quiteria

The Ethnographic Museum, which presents the history and customs of this village, is extremely interesting (926775182). Its friendly guide not only explains the ethnographic elements of the area but also offers the visitor a good pitarra wine from Horcajo.

The gastronomy of Horcajo is interesting. There are game dishes, good cheese from Santa Quiteria, and pitarra wine. Typical dishes such as venison stews, white garlic, stew, etc. are prepared.